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This shoot meant a lot to me for several reasons.  First, it is a dream come true to be able to be creative with a group of like-minded people!  I am beyond happy to get to come up with different stories and make them come to life.  Below are some of the behind the scenes from our editorial bridal fashion photography shoot.  Another reason I was super excited for this shoot was a chance to get to work with model Bailey Gurell.  She is in demand by several well known modeling agencies, and I felt very fortunate to get to work with her before she is wisked away from our little town known as Redding, Californina.

The Story:

Escape.  She is trying to escape her trailer park life, and pretend to be the “Stepford Wife” to make her soon to be husband happy.  He is her way out.  However, she struggles with her trailer park conditioned self with what she is supposed to be now, but she is content with these struggle of hers.  She is obsessed with the 1990’s Grunge fad and loves the idea of wearing the torn fishnet stockings, bed head hair, and cheap tiara along side her couture gown purchased for her by her future mother in law.  Even though, she would rather wear her great grandmothers stained sheer dress from the 1920’s passed down, she will happily wear the hand made couture gown by top trending fashion designer of 2016, Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs.  She still wants to remain true to herself, which is difficult because of the expectations put on her by others.  Many of the images taken during this shoot depict the boredom as her current state of mind, such as when she holds her new Apple Rose Gold 6S Plus phone trying to escape the unknown of what her future existence might be. To a blurred image, which represents being torn between her two realities.  Even the tulle across her face tells the viewer that she is going ahead, but still wanting to hide.


Images to be released June 13th, 2016.



Photographer-Jamie Solorio
Stylist/Designer-Robin Fator of Dark Pony Designs
Makeup-Mariya Krutikova
Hair-Amanda Fator
Video-Jesse Solorio
Floranthropist-Floral Arrangement
Model-Bailey Gurell

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