Light Play

So, for those of you who know me…I am crazy busy all the time.  However, lately I have been needing to play with light…my escape!  Kinda the way you might crave chocolate or whatever your indulgence might be, playing with light is exactly that for me.  Yesterday, Kya, my insanely beautiful daughter had saw a tutorial on Instagram with a flat iron pencil curl technique, and was inspired to do her hair differently.  Oddly enough, Amanda Fator had actually created this look a few months back in the studio with model Robin for an editorial a team of us are working on.  You can see those image HERE.  Anyhow, I asked Kya if she wanted to be my model and I would try something new out on her.  She was game.  Model Kya Solorio.

For this shot, I was inspired by an image shot by MARIO SORRENTI of Milla Jovoich.


Yes, my light is not exactly the same, but I do like the result and experience.  I first looked at the different light sources in this image and tried to recreate it myself.  My hubby filmed a little phone video for me to keep for my notes, and also to share with anyone interested.  Thank you for taking time to view!  You can do so HERE on my Youtube channel, I do plan on putting more videos there if you would like to subscribe.  Oh, in the video I mention that my inspiration image was by Roversi, when really it was Sorrenti.

Shot with my Nikon D4 using a 50mm f/1/4 at f/3.5  ISO 1250 1/60th of a second.  I used two Neewer light wands.  Which I have a video on those as well HERE.

What I learned.

  1. Need to get some Neutral Density Gels to have more control of the light.
  2. If I had moved Kya closer to the wall, maybe I could of gotten more of that orange light to spill on the background.  I feel like I could of also angled it a bit more towards wall too.
  3. That I get cranky if I don’t figure it out right away and get the image that I have in mind to show up SOOC! (straight out of camera)

Thanks for taking time to check this out!   To see more of my work that pays for my toys please visit my site Jamie Solorio Photography of Redding, California.



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